Steven Falk Bio:

Steven was born on April 29th 1965 in Janesville, WI. Very early on Steven showed a very high intelligence and inclination toward the arts. In the 4th grade Steven was IQ tested. After finding out that he had a IQ of 140, he was asked if he would like to student teach Kindergartners how to read. This was when Steven realized his real passion in life; teaching. He knew that is what he wanted to do with his life from that day forward. It was a goal that led him to Stanford Tennis in Palo Alto, CA.

An avid and gifted musician, Steven became fluent with the Violin, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Piano all before the end of 6th grade. He is also well gifted with a beautiful and clear voice, and that earned Steven leads in all school productions.

During Junior high Steven continued his inclination toward the arts, receiving top roles in school musical productions, as well receiving leading roles in state music competitions, receiving many accolades and awards for his achievements on stage in both solo and duet work. Steven also enjoyed and was gifted in sports and took part in Football, Track and Field and Baseball throughout his High School years.

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