Steven Falk Bio page 2:

Academically Steven excelled as well receiving a 4.0+ GPA throughout his entire education, taking part in the first 5.0 college courses in the 9th grade. These are commonly referred to as Concurrent Enrollment courses today. Steven was apart of the Honor Role, Honors Society, and graduated a full year early from High school in 1982. Steven had begun taking college courses during summer break in his 10-and 11 grade years, allowing him to graduate college in just 3 years.

Continuing his education Steven pursued his inclination toward the arts, and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) and the University of California (UCLA); receiving his bachelors degree in Psychology.

Steven was still searching for something more, and not sure exactly what that was yet, so he started working for Walt Disney Entertainment as a singer/dancer. That was followed by a change to Corporate America at American Express in their Travel Management Department. Finding he was also gifted in the corporate world, and exceptional in the field of travel Steven moved onto Carlson Companies in Minnesota, in a entry level position in 1991. Rapidly advancing through Carlson, he soon was managing travel for Siemens the world renown Engineering conglomerate specializing in several fields such as power, transportation, medical, communication, automation and lighting. Steven was responisible for developing sales and new client relationship strategies, winning more than 175 million in new business; he was awarded the prestigious 1% Royal Honor Award four separate times, setting the stage for Carlson to continue his work through 1997.

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