Steven Falk Bio page 3:

While working on the Siemens account Steven was the first person to implement the prestigious ISO standards into a Client relations field that required a human presence to maintain that relationship. Engineering new and revolutionary ways to manage clients' travel and entertainment expenses taking Siemens 650 independent travel agencies and consolidating them into one primary suppliers: Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Steven created the Siemens Travel Centre, implementing ISO 9000/9001 for the first time in a call centre environment.

Steven also took part in the first implementation of Six Sigma, the now renown standard of business excellence was just starting. This led to the first time any aspect of Siemens was single sourced to one Global Travel Supplier; Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Steven left Carlson to pursue his goals of implementing the new ISO and Six Sigma standards and relationship management strategies he developed for Siemens into the world marketplace. BTI/ WorldTravel partners helped him realize that dream. Creating the Relationship Management division of BTI and becoming the VP of RM. This is the first time at WorldTravel Partners a department was created to specifically manage client relations. Steven was responsible for over 500 million in client sales, and he designed revolutionary business plans to grow with their customers to increase profitability and retention of clients. After implementing his profound methodologies Steven then left to work in what he likes to call "the private sector". A unique bridge between the Government and public travel world. He was able to realize his dream in 1997 when he left BTI to work for Lockheed Martin the multinational Aerospace engineering and manufacturer, in which Steven managed their Corporate travel department. In 1998 Steven recognized his passion in life; teaching. He left WorldTravel BTI and Lockheed Martin to pursue his dream and became a Tennis instructor at the Jewish Community Center of Silocon Valley, California. Teaching daily lessons to groups of pre-school - 2nd grade student who participated in summer tennis camp programs & clinics. Steven provided private and semi-private lessons to all ages and supervised the tennis staff and program for the acting tennis director during her absences. He left after 4 and half wonderful years.

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